About Sue’s Critter Care

Sue offers dependable, honest, and trustworthy pet care. Sue says: “My job is my livelihood and I take it very seriously by maintaining a professional image with high standards of service and expertise.” Not only does she have long list of references and strong ties to the local community, but stands proudly by her services and does not contract out visits or hire helpers. Sue's Critter Care, is independently owned and operated by herself, so you can be sure you are getting a personal experience that will meet your needs with the greatest care and commitment to your pets health, happiness, and security.

“All my clients say I have animal magnetism. Pets just love me and I love them. I think of them as preschoolers in fuzzy suits and believe that if it wasn’t for the kindness and ability of mankind to love unconditionally, pets wouldn’t exist. We need them, they need us, and because we choose to be their keepers, we are responsible for their health, happiness, and security.”

There is no excuse for cruelty or negligence, but sometimes we need a little help balancing the commitment we have made as pet owners with the responsibilities of daily life. 

“Folks will know how large your soul is, by the way you treat a dog!”
– Charles F. Doran

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